Great things always happen over a cup of coffee! And that’s exactly how five digital marketing executives from different backgrounds decided to join forces to form a formidable force aiming to hit every existing strategies out of the park. It was always our dream to start something on our own and let our clients make the best of our skills and knowledge. One day, it was decided to start a digital marketing agency that could transcend the barriers of borders and provide services across the globe, and six months later, the office was started!

Our Vision

“To help all kinds of businesses with all kinds of digital marketing solutions. We endeavour to treat our clients as our own and form unique strategies for each client with constant research and updates.”

Our Team

Monks devote themselves to something greater and help others attain peace. We like to consider ourselves as the ones who help our clients to reach Zen on the marketing front as they let go of all its pressure and concentrate on other important aspects of their business. We always want to keep it really unique for each client. We have a task force for each client so that the process does not seem like an assembly line. Moreover, the Monks, each in charge of a specific department, oversee the whole process to ensure a smooth and fast ride.


The Social Monk

The social monk takes care of our branding as well as the social media platforms of our clients.


The Tech Monk

The Tech Monk oversees all the technical aspects of a client including the web development, technical SEO and app development.


The Content Monk

The Content Monk looks after every content asset that is being made for the client, be it website content, meta description, video assets or content for off-page SEO.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any queries about our team, the services we offer, our different packages, or any related questions, feel free to grab your phone and dial us! Our contact information is available here.


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AISAT Technical Campus,
South Kalamassery, Kochi,
Kerala 682022.
Call Us : +91 85902 15281