How to Master Amazon SEO and Rank your Products in search results for 2021?

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Amazon has been the greatest catalyst for the success of a majority of micro, small and medium sized companies. Amazon has helped several small-time businesses to go global and develop into a further fully-fledged business. Selling more than 12 million products, it is undoubtedly one of the best and biggest ecommerce platforms at present where roughly 55% of consumers begin their online shopping searches on Amazon’s website. Many businesses find Amazon as the perfect platform to list their products, but not without heavy competition. In fact, it’s hard to get your product to appear on the search results due to this high competition. The only way to overcome this competition is to equip yourself with the best possible Amazon SEO strategies.

What is Amazon SEO?

Optimizing the Amazon listings have a direct impact on the ranking and growth of sales. Amazon SEO is the process of optimizing the products in order to rank high and for better visibility in Amazon search results, which ultimately leads to more sales and profits. Thus, increasing the substantial traffic for your product pages. The optimization includes related keywords, image copy, and product description. Optimizing the product listing in turn helps the customers and your products as well. When the customers search for something related to your product, the basic details of the product pop up on their screen. Thus making it more easily accessible to find potential customers.

Amazon Algorithm: A9 & A10

Amazon SEO plays a key role in determining the success of your business if you are planning to sell on Amazon. Since the majority of the people now do their purchase through Amazon, it is very important to rank among the top pages, else you are unlikely to sell anything.

The ranking of products is done basically by algorithms. A10 is the latest version of Amazon algorithms.

A9 algorithm ranks different brands and their products on the Amazon platform, helping the shoppers with the most relevant results for their search. This algorithm focuses primarily on

  • Visibility
  • Relevance
  • Conversions

A9 search intelligence

This A9 algorithm ranks the products based on sales performance history, text match relevancy, price of the product, and availability of stock. It focuses on keywords, content description, reviews, feedbacks, order defect rates, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), back-end, and search terms. Images, premium content, advertising, product promotions are some of the indirect factors that influence the Amazon algorithm ranking.

The A10 algorithm is the updated version of A9 with a prime focus on shopper’s behavior. The ranking factors of this new algorithm are seller authority, impressions, internal sales, PPC sales, CTR, off-site sales, conversion rates, sales history, and organic sales. According to the A10 algorithm, the buyers are trafficked directly to what they are searching for instead of recommending them to related search results. Also, the competitor products are displayed making the popular and relevant products stand out.

Amazon SEO A9 Algorithm

What are the Amazon ranking factors?

The Amazon ranking factors describe the criteria applied by search engines while evaluating the products in order to compile the ranking of their search results. Several factors contribute to the ranking process among which sales velocity and keywords strategy are the prime ones.

Sales velocity

Amazon uses a metric called sales velocity to understand how fast a product gets sold at the marketplace. It can also be defined as the amount of money created from this platform. Amazon SEO plays on a simple rule: the more money you create on the platform, the higher the ranking of the product. Sales velocity can also be implemented by using pay-per-click advertising campaigns, increasing customer reviews, and analyzing conversion rates.


Mastering the art of keywords is a significant process in Amazon SEO. Keywords are the phrases or words that help to find your web page online. Use of inappropriate keywords may even rank your page low with a fall in conversion rates and drop in discoverability. Hence, proper planning and research study are required before choosing the right keyword to optimize your web page.

Whenever one types a keyword in the search bar, other suggestions too pop up and acts like Google autocomplete. It is better to avoid overusing keywords to diminish the customer experience. Always try to include the most important keyword in the title. Also, we have often seen products' names or descriptions where words are misspelled. These are misspelled as some users do not search for the exact keywords. In these situations, Amazon SEO uses "backend keywords", which are hidden keywords used while creating your list.

Product listing and optimization

While optimizing your Amazon listing, the title is the foremost step in product listing and optimization. The title has a great impact on the product's reach. An ideal title contains the brand name, product line, key features, product type, color, size, and quantity. The order of the words in the title influences the ranking as well. Often the titles in organic results typically contain 115-144 characters.

Product description

Followed by the title is the product description as bullet points, also known as highlights or attributes. The product description is the space that allows the customers to decide about the selection of the product.

The listing bullets help in providing an opportunity to describe the key features of your product. In fact, the bullet points provide an insight into your product at a glance. It is important to focus on creating a story within your product description, along with the usage of your keywords.

A well-written description with a proper call-to-action surely will have an effect on the conversions. It is suggested to avoid duplicating the bullet points and try providing additional information about the product. Brand awareness too can be created within the product description.

Image copy creation

Image copy creation is an important factor in Amazon ranking as images provide a great visual impact to the customers. It is necessary to focus on the quality and size of the image copy created. High-quality and attractive images increase a product's performance. Adding high-resolution images for better zoom function does not increase ranking. The ranking rates get affected only through CTR, CR, and sales.

The main image appears during the search of keywords and on the product page. It is the main image that is responsible for the reach while clicking on your product. Thus it should be attractive enough and should contain only the core product. It is best suggested to use a pure white background and the product must fill the image area size of 85-100%. The product must be visible and should be free of text, graphics, or any illustrations.

Some key ideas to be noted while creating image copy are,

Format: JPEG is the best preferred format.
Colour code: RGB attracts the visual sense the most. For printing, CMYK could also be used.
Resolution: a minimum of 72 dpi.
Size: a maximum of 1000 pixels activates the zoom function.

Common Amazon SEO mistakes

Black Hat SEO

"Black hat SEO" also known as black hat tactics, happens when you deliberately try to manipulate your page ranking using less ethical strategies like keyword stuffing, buying links, spam, etc.

Improper framing of the product description

The product description is the goal post in regard to the selection of a product.
The Amazon algorithm prioritizes products with quality descriptive content. One can develop a quality product description by focusing on benefits, identifying a target market, and avoiding the usage of many superlatives.

Incomplete keyword research

Using wrong keywords and Keyword stuffing titles can affect the ranking of your product. Often sellers go behind expensive keywords expecting high traffic, which ironically ends up in low reach of the web page. Only through proper research and planning, one can choose the apt keyword that boosts up the page.

Not incorporating customer reviews and questions

Reviews are considered as the oxygen of the Amazon platform. Customers check out the reviews before deciding to purchase a product. Thus, incorporating reviews can increase the reach of the product. Remember, it's always "customers first".

Low-quality image copy

Amazon is an online platform, the visual impact created by images plays a key role in determining the purchase of any product. Thus, make sure to showcase different angles of your product with high-quality images within the prescribed size and format.

Amazon is undoubtedly the best place to sell your items. But it also requires having a great quality product, answering all your customer concerns, and providing amazing value post-purchase. Amazon SEO metrics do take time and requires a lot of trial and error method. It also needs in-depth research and aspects like E-commerce listing are often time-consuming. So, it is best to hire an SEO agency to optimize your Amazon for better ranking and quality leads. Organic traffic from Amazon search influences your brand and, thus there is no doubt that you can recoup the money you spent on launching and ranking with high profit.

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