7 Reasons Why Every Small Business needs Local SEO

Posted by On 18-08-2020

Being able to find the best local service provider near him/her is a huge relief for a user. Since most of the users rely on Google My Business and similar top listing sites to find the “perfect” shops, stores, restaurants nearby, it’s very important as a local business owner to list your store on all of them.

Almost half of the Google searches are for local business and a huge increase in “near me” searches in recent years are more than enough reasons for you to start doing local SEO for your small business.

What is Local SEO

Local SEO(Local Search Optimization), referred to as local search marketing, is optimizing your business to increase visibility in local search results.

Every business that has a physical location and if its success depends on people visiting the business place, then it needs local SEO. Service providers like restaurants, hotels, local stores etc can benefit a lot from Local SEO. Local SEO also helps your business increase its online visibility, increase organic traffic, and earn more qualified leads.

Why every small business owner needs Local SEO

Most of the local business owners are not aware of the importance of listing their businesses in Google My Business or any top listing sites. But as we speak, about 80% of people standing near your shops or sitting in the parking lot are reading the reviews of your store right now. Statistics suggest that 1 in 3 people checks the reviews and ratings before deciding to visit a store.

The internet has given all the resources to businesses for reaching out to more people. If you think that your business is too small to count and you're working from your basement or a little place in your local town, well, everyone needs to start somewhere. Google My Business is the best option to boost visibility for your business.

Here are some of the reasons why small business needs Local SEO

  1. Increased Internet Usage Through Smartphones

Traffic via mobile devices is on a never-stopping growth. It’s easier to check local stores through phones, especially if one is traveling. Mobile services have added the benefit of location services, which allows them to find your business by someone nearby.

Users searching for the local business are looking for super-fast service. Integrating your business in the local listing and using its features like Maps can always lead more people faster to your business.

  1. Local SEO is cost-effective

Local SEO set up is one of the easiest and cost-effective search optimization methods with a significant return on investment. It doesn’t cost you a single penny for listing your business on GMB, and it's one of the simplest ways to attract local customers. The simplest things like adding your website, phone number, etc can be done by yourself without consuming much of your time.

  1. 64% of business haven't claimed their Local Listing yet

Getting listed on Google My Business can increase the chance of showing up in local search results. Additionally, many businesses haven't figured out the importance of listing yet, which leaves the door open for your business to get a head start against your competitors.

Don’t think that your business is too small to outrank your competitor. Size and scale doesn’t matter when it comes to local SEO. Google My Business works with honest reviews and accessibility for users to the nearby services. This opens a new door for small businesses to concentrate on their business, win reviews and generate more leads.

  1. Online reviews are trusted more!

More than 90% of customers read online reviews before trying a local store or restaurant. A negative review might hit your business, It’s not the end of the world; every firm gets a negative review.

You can respond to the negative reviews in a professional way and mention that the issue will be addressed. If the review is fake and made to demote your ratings, you can choose to flag the review. Google will review your request and remove it if the request is genuine.

An interactive GMB profile will improve your visibility in online searches compared to the rest of your competition. The bottom line, online reviews help you to have more personal communication with your clients as well as find out the areas in which your business needs improvement.

  1. Increase in Conversion

Local SEO guarantees a high conversion rate because most people searching for local businesses are almost most likely to convert. People usually search for business are actually in the area of search which could probably create the person to follow to the website and contact the store. Local SEO strengthens your online presence and brings high quality and genuine traffic to your website too.

  1. Can have a track of customers journey

Enabling customer actions on GMB will enable you to analyze the experience a customer had with your local business. This will help you improve a lot of aspects related to your business, from product quality to customer service. You can also have a quantitative analysis of your online presence with clicks, website visits, and impressions and plan your future strategies accordingly.

  1. It's easy to set up and Manage

Google My Business is straightforward to set up and manage; Fill the right details, verify your business and add relevant images about your business. You are halfway there! With the GMB posting feature, you can update your offers, news, or share an informative post just like other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

You can free up a couple of hours of your weekend to do all the basic stuff, and that’s exactly why you shouldn't overlook such a great opportunity to improve your business.

It’s the right time to do Local SEO!

It's the right time for small businesses to activate local SEO service and feel the difference. All you have to do is maintain a business profile with all your details, which will eventually increase your business locally. Like we already said, it’s pretty easy to set up and maintain a GMB account. But it’s a whole other thing to invent new Local SEO strategies, organize and execute them effectively to generate large number conversions more quickly.

A team of Local SEO experts can help you accomplish this feat as they spend most of their time monitoring your market, competitors and reviews and give you constant reports. Contact us today to know more about Ranking Monks’ Local SEO services.

Pranav M.S

Pranav is the co-founder and SEO analyst at Ranking Monks. He works with small businesses to help build their online presence and has passion for his job. When he is off work, you can find him watching his favorite shows on Netflix or discussing football with his friends.

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