Social Media Marketing for Business: How to Take Advantage of It!

Posted by On 17-08-2020

Scrolling through Ikea’s Instagram profile on a lazy Sunday evening, I was wondering how amazing their posts are with beautiful images and attractive captions. I’ve been a fan of their amazing furniture; now, I am starting to love the content they share in their social profiles too - artistic, professional, engaging, and, most importantly, consistent in the designs!

Fast forward two weeks, I’ve made my purchase from Ikea after watching a beautiful product promotion of one of their table lamps.

This is pretty much how social media marketing works - or maybe more?

Let’s dive into learning what social media marketing is and how your business can create a winning strategy to build your brand and generate profit out of it!

What is Social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that uses social media platforms to interact with online communities to achieve your brand or marketing goals. The most important pillar of social media marketing is creative content. You need to create unique content that matches your target audience in the specific social platform where your audience is

The social media platforms that are most used for social media marketing are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Before we dive deeper, here’s how these platforms are segmented based on the users and target audience.


Active users: 2.6 Billion
Audience: Millennials and Generation X
Target Audience: B2B, B2C


Active users: 1 Billion
Audience: Millennials
Target Audience: B2C


Active users: 260 Million
Audience: Generation X, Millennials and Baby boomers
Target Audience: B2B


Active users: 330 Million
Audience: Millennials, Generation X
Target Audience: B2B


Active users: 2 Billion
Audience: Millennials, Generation X, Generation Z
Target Audience: B2C

Now that we got an idea of the major social platforms, let’s see how this could benefit your business.

How does Social Media Marketing help businesses?

We could write a book on why your business should invest in social media marketing, but to sum up, the most important reason is that your customers are already there! Once you get your audience to follow you on social media, they are hearing you every day - be it your company culture or product launch, they get the news straight away. Here are a few advantages that come with using social media for your business.


All of the top social media platforms are absolutely for business. With a hand full of features from Facebook shops, to analytics that tracks your business profile’s performance, It’s already there.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition is one of the most important goals for almost any business. Thankfully, social media is a great platform to build a brand, no matter the industry. With social media, you can reach your audience quicker than any other platform. All you need to do in return is to provide quality and informative content with good visuals.

Take Adidas’s Instagram profile here for an example:

Adidas Instagram

They have a neat logo placed as their profile image with a catchy bio to describe them. As for their posts, you can see that they use post types with a mix of IG TV, videos, and carousel images. You can see how they are communicating with the community with #BlackLivesMatter campaigns and standing up in support of their audience.

Share your story!

Believe it or not, your customers would love to know more than your product promos. They will look at how you stand up to them, how your employees are treated, and everything there is!

Starbucks culture

See an example of the post shared by Starbucks here. This gives a clear idea about their company culture, and the employees are treated. A brand is more than a product, and social media is the best place to share your tale!

Listen to your audience

Your audience is always looking for something or trying to buy online. And the best place they would go to ask for suggestion is social media. This screenshot I found earlier is an excellent example of social listening.

Social media listening example

You could see how engaging the comment is, and the person who posted this signed up for the trail from Hootsuite. As simple as it sounds, communication and building relationships are a great way to build a loyal customer base and generate good leads in the long run. You can even find out the areas of improvement with the reviews shared online.

Promote your product

This is obvious. Yes, everyone promotes their product, and your business makes it no different. But how can you take advantage of this and stand out from the rest?

Maggi social media profile

The images you use and creative captions can make a difference. The idea is to be creative in your advertising and creating an interest in your products. Be original, celebrate with your audience, and tell the story of how your products and service could actually benefit them.

Traffic to your website

With social media marketing, you can easily drive traffic to your website to convert your follower into being your customer. With social media, you can easily showcase your product with good creatives and content and direct them to your website to know more about the product.

Bow and wow social media profile

But make sure that you don’t promote your product often in your social profiles as you’ll likely turn off your followers with too much promotion.

Go Viral

Contests that build engagement, using viral topics to get people talking about you or using influencers to promote your product? You got everything under one hood. Contests are a great way to get people to interact with your business. A good contest strategy can easily help you build social media sales funnel.

Social media -giveaway post example

Taking the example here, you can see that the contest by Buzz Bee Toys, a toy shop, build around 382 shares and an amazing engagement rate with their contest. Though giveaways are something companies don’t like to do, this could turn into a game-changer for your marketing strategy.

Organic vs Paid Social Media Marketing

There is no denying that organic posting is vital for any marketing strategy that involves internet marketing. While you can engage with your audience and build meaningful relationships with organic campaigns, paid social media marketing is a quick way to extend your audience reach, create leads, and generate profit.

There is no choosing between the two - the superpowers they possess are different and you need to build a team with it!

Building a proper mix of both requires adequate planning, a foolproof funnel, and, most importantly, creative expertise. No time to handle everything? Feel free to contact our creative monks to get you covered!

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