Content Marketing

When your website and social media handles become only about promoting your business, your audience and new users find your posts redundant and pushy. Given the amount of content people see and consume online, it’s essential that you provide useful and unique content on a regular basis to stay relevant on the market or niche.

Content Marketing helps your business to answer every question your target audience has about your niche, the market or even the services provided. This helps you to provide better user experience on your website or social media platform and gain their trust, strengthening your authority and brand reputation. It also enables you to connect with your clients and audience on a deeper level.

Providing quality content drives better engagements from the user side, which is always good for your SEO. If the content provided by you is really useful or entertaining to your audience, they are more likely to do business with you. The call-to-action (CTA) works better with useful content. In short, better your content, better the leads. Ranking Monks enables you to achieve your content marketing goals by helping you provide great content in the form of blogs, infographics, e-books, YouTube videos and many more while generating conversions in the process.

How Ranking Monks Can Make You The King of Unique Content

Content Marketing service by Ranking Monks takes a step by step approach in idealizing and formulating the whole process, which enables us to take a unique route for each of our clients. We break down our approach into the following steps:

Quick creation and Implementation

We do all content creation in-house and we have a Content Monk who monitors and reviews each of the content that is to go live. This enables us to work at a very faster pace. Our clients can directly talk with our Content Monk and share their valuable inputs and requirements.

Content Optimization

We essentially do content optimization for search engines so that it reaches the intended space on the internet. We ensure our high-quality content triggers leads and conversions with an effective optimization process.

Content Promotion

It’s our responsibility that the high-quality content created us for you stays relevant and reaches its maximum reach. We do full-on promotion of each blog, infographic or video we create on various platforms so that they drive maximum traffic to your website.

Analytics and Report

We constantly monitor the growth in traffic and engagements that is created via content marketing. We track each creation and measure the audience response and this lets us know which one is working and which one is not. This enables us to try different writing and design styles and amend our strategies dynamically throughout the process.

Our Content Marketing Packages

Just blogs or everything from infographics to video, we have customized packages based on your needs and budget!


Keyword Research
1 blog/month
1 infographic/month

Competitor analysis and strategy formation



Keyword Research
2 blogs/month (1 QA based)
1 YouTube video/ month
1 infographic/month
Competitor analysis and strategy formation



Keyword Research (Long Tail Keywords included)

4 blogs/month (2 Q&A based)
1 YouTube video/ month
2 infographic/month
Competitor analysis and strategy formation


Need a custom package or want to know more about our video marketing and e-books services? Don't worry, send in a request via [email protected].

Why Choose the Monks As Your Content Marketers?

Constant Research

Our content research team constantly monitors the changes in the trend of how users consume content. We keep logs of every such drift and form new strategies accordingly.

Writers with Vision and Innovation

Our team of talented and experienced creative writers, under the Content Monk, are well-versed in almost every niche and style. We filter in the best to form an elite content team here at Ranking Monks, assuring 100% quality content to our clients

As unique as it Gets

Rather than having a generic content marketing strategy, we observe our clients first, especially their niche, target audience and the way the intended users like their content served. We also do comprehensive competitor analysis to analyse what we can do for our clients differently.

Ready To Be The King of Content?

We provide unique and customized content marketing services in the USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, Europe and India based on the culture, interest and demographics of our client’s target audience. Do you wish to know more? Feel free to contact us to have a personal chat with our team so that they can guide you through our whole process and select the best plan for you.

  • Why do my company/brand need Content Marketing?
  • Almost every user relies on the internet for information and entertainment. This fact can be used by your company or brand to provide unique and useful content to your audience, thereby strengthening your authority and brand value. Content marketing can also be used to increase leads and conversions, if done in the right way.
  • How does marketing without talking about or promoting our product/service help us create leads and sales?
  • Direct marketing sometimes does damage to your conversion growth if you come across as pushy and redundant. There are only a few ways in which you can showcase your products and services without being redundant. Content marketing helps you get around this by providing useful information to your audience while being very subtle with your products and services. This helps you gain their trust in your content, and consequently, your services.
  • How do we measure content’s influence on sales and revenue?
  • With smart analytics and a number of online tools, we can track your growth with content marketing. We have a dedicated team on it and this allows us to reshape our strategies dynamically if we think something is not working.
  • What types of businesses could be benefited from Content Marketing?
  • Virtually every business can benefit from the right content marketing protocols. The key is to find out the correct platform, audience and hit them with the right information and the right time. Strictly speaking, service-based businesses like medical, educational, media, law and insurance etc could benefit a lot as they have a lot of unique and useful information to share with their target audience. But keep in mind that content marketing is not limited to a particular niche if done in the right way by expert professionals.
  • What Type of Content Should My Business Create?
  • It depends on your niche, the kind of audience you cater to and the demographics. Everything should be analyzed before you can fix a writing and design style and formulate a strategy. Since it’s a long process that involves several extended brainstorming sessions, hiring an agency who are experts in content marketing services is the best and easiest way.
  • Where are you based?
  • Our office is located in Kochi, a beautiful part of Kerala, India. However we are truly an international agency with experience in handling clients from Canada, US, Middle-eastern countries and India.


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