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Still using the same old fashioned marketing methodologies? Tired of not getting enough conversion on what you spend? Well you’ve come to the right place. Our team of expert SEM monks will help in attaining your path to Nirvana, The path to your ultimate marketing/sales goal.

The secret of making paid advertising work is to connect, engage, and convert. As easy as it said when it comes to light, we are your call sign.

At Ranking monks we don’t just execute, we come up with ideas that are specifically tailored for your needs & target niche. Each client is unique to us. You’ll never be assigned to a B-team, because you are our most important asset.

Harness The Power Of Recession Proof Paid Campaigns

Our remarketing & retargeting ads deliver maximum exposure of your business.

Customer Research

Our Initial step of the process starts by doing comprehensive research on your buyer persona. We will brainstorm new keyword ideas & organize these into targeted groups. Our SEM monks will prepare a budget math to determine your max CPC. A competitive analysis will be done to get the best ROI from your competitors most profitable keywords.

Craft Some Killer Ads

Our SEM team will set up an account & define your USP’s. Creating a personalized ad copy with relevant ad extensions that suits your custom campaigns. Later on we’ll allocate the budget requirement & ROI prediction analysis based on the adset. Our creative monks will create landing pages that are aesthetically Pleasing and focus on conversions.

Track and Analyze Your Results

Our SEM monk will monitor the performance of your campaign. Based on that data, We’ll Revise the Ad Copy & A/B test with new ad variations. We'll simplify all this data into a report so that you can have a peaceful yoga session.


Explore Our Top-notch Social Media Advertising Services:

We provide “king of the hill” plans that let you conquer the realm of social media.

From interactive displays to promoted videos, Social ads put it all at your fingertips. No more time and money invested on ad spend that gets zero results.

Ranking Monks is equipped to handle all these challenges for you. We’ll walk you through how to use social ads to reach your NICHE prospects and turn them into loyal customers.

Our Paid Advertising Packages:

Choose one of our cost effective paid campaign plans. That will double, or even TRIPLE your leads and sales target at a fraction of the cost that you spend on other marketing channels.

Search Engine Advertising

Ad Account Setup and management

Initial Analysis & Campaign Overview

Campaign Setup and Restructure

Landing Page Creation & Optimisation

Custom Creatives

Tracking and Goal Setup

Keywords Analysis and Setup

Regular Bid Management

ROI Tracking and Optimisation

Monthly Audit & Performance Report


Social Media Advertising

Ad Account Setup and management

Initial Analysis & Campaign Overview

Campaign Setup and Restructure

Landing Page Creation & Optimisation

Custom Creatives

Tracking and Goal Setup

Branding Ads, Post Boost Ads, Lead Generation Ads

Monthly Insight and Sales Report


Send us what you have in mind. We’ll create a custom plan to grow your business that’s as simple as 1,2,3.

Why Choose us?

Get the best ROI

Tired of keeping pouring when the cup is almost full? Don't let anymore of your budget get wasted!

We’ll make sure that you get the best return with not bursting your overall marketing budget. The best part is you only pay when they click on it & we’ll make sure only the relevant prospect does that.

Unparalleled Expertise

We believe your success depends on more than just a methodology.

You’re looking for trusted experts with a vested interest in your success.That’s exactly what we stand for. We grow with your business and provide the best solutions in scaling your business

A team that delivers!

We are a team made up of only experienced marketing strategists

We make sure your investment is a bang for the buck. Ensure PPC campaigns that are tailor-made for your business and deliver results. We translate our ideas into pixel-perfect execution. With the best end results.

Attain Your Target and Reap The Rewards Right Now!

Have you tried running any Paid campaigns yet? Interested to advertise your products or services online? Contact us to get a free audit.

  • Why is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) important?
  • Search engine marketing can be your main tactic for ‘QUICK CONVERSION ORIENTED MARKETING’ Use of advertising platforms like Google Search Network and Google Display Network to target potential customers. If you have a high value product in your hand with no or less conversions. Then paid advertising is your best bet to generate more leads.
  • How can Search Engine Marketing (SEM) help my business?
  • Search marketing reaches consumers at exactly the right time. Results are immediate with SEM. It is arguably the fastest way to drive traffic to your website Based on the target group we adopt SEM methodologies to create engaging, measurable and targeted digital campaigns. The integration of Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-per-Click (PPC) Search and Display campaigns will drive high-converting prospects to your website.
  • What Search Platforms Do You Advertise On?
  • We have expertise in all leading digital advertising platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram as well as Google Search, Display Network and YouTube.
  • When Should I Really Opt To Choose Ad Campaigns For My Business?
  • PPC campaigns provide traffic, leads, and customers almost instantly once the ads start running. If you have a high value product to convert quickly , then don’t hesitate, paid ads are the best option for you.


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