Social Media Marketing

Social media is no rocket science. But with literally hundreds of your competitors zipping in and out to engage with your audience, we know the how and where to share your story that delivers an unmatching brand experience.

Whether you're running an online business or a local store, you need to build your presence online and introduce social media in your marketing mix. With our social media marketing services, we take charge of the entire process from competitor analysis, content creation, creative design, community engagement and targeted social media advertising to help you meet your business objectives.

At Ranking monks, our experts know their stuff. We create custom graphics and animations to go on your social profiles with an easy approval process, so you get to approve what we do.

Selling event tickets or boosting sales for your e-commerce store, we love running campaigns for businesses of all sizes with interactive tools that speak in results and numbers - nothing less!

Our Process

We don’t post for the sake of posting! From our brainstorming session to setup and launch, we take things in order and we take you along with us to grow your social media presence better!

Setup and Strategy

Our social monk will devise a strategy by identifying your audience, the type of content they engage with, and creates a plan of action. We'll set up and optimize your social profile with creative visuals and search-friendly content to enhance your social visibility.

Our monks will actively communicate with you to plan the campaigns and review the content, so you know in advance about the content we are planning to publish.

We'll send you a detailed report and insights every month with in-depth data of our efforts to your business objectives.

Epic Contests and campaigns

A brand's social objective is to bring more people and convert them into customers. With our contest and tailor-made campaigns, we'll deliver exactly that!

No boring campaigns. Our strategists burn their heads out to engage your audience with giveaways and creative campaigns that are simply out of this world 🔥 😍

From influencer marketing to some epic contests, we'll amaze your audience and competition alike.

Paid Social Ads

Quick leads? Our Monks have a handful of experience with paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, to drive additional revenue.

Lead conversion or offer campaigns, our monks combine their platform expertise with industry-standard campaign optimization to give you seamless results and best return on investment for the Ad spend.

Our Social Media Packages

Rule a single platform or be the king of all? We have customized packages based on your needs and budget!


Profile Optimization
Profile Management (2 platform)
8 post per month
1 video project per month
Bi-monthly reports



Profile Optimization
Profile Management (3 platforms)
12 post per month
1 video project per month
Monthly Reports
Chatbot integration
Daily social media engagements
Cover image change: 1 per month if required
Message Monitoring



Profile Optimization
Profile Management (5 platforms)
20 post per month
3 video projects per month
Monthly Reports
Chatbot integration
Reputation Management
Organic Post Boosting (1 per month)
Campaign tracking with UTM
Community building campaigns
Story updates
Cover image change: 2 per month if required
Influencer Marketing ( Price excluded)
Custom Announcements as required


Need a custom package? Don't worry, send in a request via [email protected].

Why Us?

We're Experts

Social-savvy or not, having experience on your side matters. Our social media team is packed with years of experience handling clients from Canada in all niches.

With our social media management service package, you’ll get a dedicated strategist who’s crazy about crafting a social fortress just for you.

Affordable as It Can Get

Marketing is always expensive, but we pride ourselves in providing affordable social media management services tailored to meet every budget.

Our team will create customized goals that deliver results worth every penny you spend!


Sit back and relax. We’ll research your industry to create content with eye-catching graphics that your audience will die for.

Nothing excites us more than numbers. We’ll provide a detailed report on your social performance so you get to track all the amazing things we do for you.

Ready for Social Media?

Get people talking about your brand with the right team. Get clicking and our social expertise are all yours.

  • Can we choose the number of social networks?
  • Of course! Our plans are custom made to meet businesses of all sizes. But if our plan doesn’t match your requirements, we are happy to limit or increase the number of social networks that make sense for your business.
  • Which social network should we opt?
  • To be honest, there is no straight answer to this. Just because your competitors are active on all platforms, doesn’t mean that you should be too. Once you sign up, we will do marketing and competitor research on social platforms to find which platform is more suited for your business.
    To effectively advice you on choosing the right platform, we will need to speak with you more on the phone. You can call us by clicking here
  • When will we start seeing results?
  • This will depend on the plan you choose. The more social networks you choose and more content you post, you will get faster results. Another factor is the industry or your business sector. While some industries like fashion and food take less time to see results, other less engaged industries take more time to build engagements and followers.
  • Are the followers real?
  • Ofcourse! There are plenty of softwares that automate followers. However, we are fully aware that these techniques will kill your engagements and brand in the long run. We build followers by proven strategies and awesome content with a mix of organic and paid promotions.
  • Where are you based?
  • Our office is located in Kochi, a beautiful part of Kerala, India. However we are truly an international agency with experience in handling clients from Canada, US, Middle Eastern countries and India.


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